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Circumcision is a common procedure performed on newborn baby boys. The purpose of circumcision is to cut away the infant’s foreskin, which is an extra bit of skin located at the tip of the penis.

Are you searching for a trusted circumcision specialist in Birmingham, AL? Look no further than Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology. Our team of board-certified OB/GYNs is here to provide you with the information and care you need regarding male infant circumcision.

During your appointment, our OB/GYNs will thoroughly explain the procedure and its potential benefits. They will also address any concerns you may have, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

We believe in providing personalized care tailored to your family’s needs. Our board-certified OB/GYNs will work closely with you to understand your preferences and ensure that the procedure is performed in a manner that aligns with your wishes. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with a trusted circumcision specialist in Birmingham, AL, call Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology today at (205) 933-8334. We are committed to delivering exceptional care and support throughout your circumcision journey.

The Purpose of Circumcision

A circumcision is not entirely necessary for any newborn male to have. For many, the choice to circumcise their baby is one that relates to their religious beliefs, as circumcision is a widely held custom for both the Jewish and Muslim faiths. However, this procedure also offers many other noteworthy advantages for persons outside of these religious organizations.

Benefits of Circumcision

In general, circumcised individuals are less likely to encounter certain health problems and infections. There is also a lower likelihood of generalized irritation of the penis by having the foreskin taken off. This is due to the fact that the removal of a male’s foreskin allows the area to be cleaned, and remain cleaned, more easily. Trapped bacteria under the foreskin can often lead to health issues like a urinary tract infection, which is especially common in uncircumcised infants under 6 months of age.

Circumcision is also associated with lowered risks for several other serious conditions such as penile cancer and HIV. Although these studies and their findings are recent, they do support the theory that removing an infant’s foreskin will reduce his risk for both HIV and penile cancer in the future.

Men can also lessen their female partner’s risk for sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer by becoming circumcised during infancy.

By removing the child’s foreskin, individuals are also able to avoid any potential conditions and complications that may affect the foreskin specifically, including:

  • Phimosis
  • Paraphimosis
  • Balanoposthitis

Risks of Circumcision

As with any medical procedure, there are certain risk factors that individuals should be aware of before agreeing to treatment. Rates of complications with circumcisions are incredibly low, making this procedure both safe and effective.

The most common risks associated with circumcision include:

  • Bleeding around the tip of the penis
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Inflammation of the opening of the penis (meatitis)
  • Infection
  • Injury to the penis and/or urethra
  • Structural problems of the penis, including curving, skin bridges, buried penis, etc.

How the Procedure Works

The circumcision itself is a very quick procedure. A specially designed device is used to attach to the penis and carefully remove the foreskin. Once this is complete, your doctor will sterilize and bandage the area before returning the child to his parents.

After arriving back home, parents should carefully follow all instructions given to them by your doctor in order to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. When cleaning the area, caregivers should use warm water to gently cleanse the skin. It is perfectly normal to notice slight bleeding and redness around the penis during the first few days following circumcision, though if these symptoms do not improve within the week or begin to worsen, you should contact Birmingham OBGYN immediately for further treatment.

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