Safe Medicines During Pregnancy

Your doctor will review any medications you are currently taking to decide what is safe to continue taking during pregnancy. Some medications and herbal supplements can increase your chance of birth defects, and your doctor will review any medication you may need to stop taking if you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen, allergy medicine, and cold medicines are generally safe to take, while aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided.

Approved Over-the-Counter Medications

Before you start or stop any medicine, we recommend that you speak with the doctor who is caring for you while you are pregnant.

Headache, Fever, Body Aches

Tylenol regular dose & Extra Strength Tylenol
DO NOT USE: Aspirin, Motrin, Advil (Ibuprofen), Aleve (unless specified by your healthcare provider)



Try small frequent meals.
Ginger Ale, Vitamin B6, Sea Bands
Sweet fruit syrup from canned fruits, i.e. pears/peaches

Allergy Medication

Zyrtec, Claritin, Benadryl, Allegra, Alavert

*Claritin-D, *Alavert-D, *Zyrtec-D, *Allegra-D

*These medications should not be taken if you are being treated or have elevated blood pressure. Patients with elevated blood pressure may use Coricidin Hpb products to treat cold and allergy symptoms.


Robitussin, Robitussin DM, Cough Drops, Mucinex, Mucinex DM

Sore Throat

Tylenol, Salt Water Gargle, Sore Throat Lozenges, Chloraseptic Spray

Sinus Congestion

Sudafed (from pharmacist), Mucinex, Mucinex-D, Saline Mist Nasal Spray


Tums, Mylanta, Maalox, Pepcid AC, Prilosec OTC

Yeast Infections

Monistat 3 or 7 day treatment


Preparation H, Tucks Pads, Anusol


Imodium AD


Senekot-S, Colace, Metamucil, Colace, Miralax

These medications should be taken with 1-2 glasses of water. They may be taken daily if needed. If no response with the above medication you may take:

Dulcolax tablets or suppositories (occasional use only), Milk of Magnesia

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