Prenatal Care in Birmingham

Board Certified Obstetricians at Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology

The board certified obstetricians at Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology are delighted to be a part of this very special time in your life. The highest level of prenatal care will be provided at all stages of pregnancy including before and during pregnancy, at childbirth and postpartum.

Learn more about the obstetrics and prenatal care services we provide at our office in Birmingham, AL. Call (205) 933-8334 to schedule your prenatal appointment today or book an appointment online.

Monogram Maternity is a free program offered through St. Vincent’s Hospital that enables patients to meet with a Birth Designer, schedule classes and tours of the birth suites, help with hospital pre-registration, and more! Call Monogram Maternity at (205) 212-6667


Elective Sonar Packages

Packages are available at our office in Birmingham, AL.

Sneak Peek – $50

  • 5 minute session
  • 2 Black and white photos
  • Early gender determination*, if desired
* Early gender determination is more accurate over 16 weeks. It is never 100% accurate

4D Packages for Patients 28-32 Weeks Gestational Age

Packages are available at our office in Birmingham, AL.

Standard 4D Package – $100

  • 10-15 minute session
  • 2-5 black and white photos of 4D image
4D Sonar Scan

SneakPeek Clinical Package for Patients 9+ Weeks Gestational Age

Packages are available at our office in Birmingham, AL.

SneakPeek Clinical Package – $129

  • This is a DNA test for early gender prediction.
  • It’s done as early as 9 weeks gestation and usually provides results the next day.

***All of these sonars are elective and will not be filed with your insurance company. These sonars are not performed to evaluate fetal abnormalities or other pregnancy issues and do not replace any exams performed by your physician. The fee charged is for the ultrasound service, it does not guarantee your baby will cooperate and pictures will be to your satisfaction. We will do our best to get good-quality photos, but unfortunately, it is not always attainable. If your baby is uncooperative, you can schedule another sonar at a 10% discount. If you arrive later than your scheduled appointment time, please understand that your exam time may be shortened to keep on schedule.***

Call (205) 933-8334 to schedule your appointment!


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