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Board Certified Obstetricians at Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology

The board-certified obstetricians at Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology are delighted to be a part of this very special time in your life. The highest level of prenatal care will be provided at all stages of pregnancy including before and during pregnancy, at childbirth and postpartum.

Learn more about the obstetrics and prenatal care services we provide at our office in Birmingham, AL. Call (205) 933-8334 to schedule your prenatal appointment today or book an appointment online.

Monogram Maternity is a free program offered through St. Vincent’s Hospital that enables patients to meet with a Birth Designer, schedule classes and tours of the birth suites, help with hospital pre-registration, and more! Call Monogram Maternity at (205) 212-6667

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How Much Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Is Normal?

Up to 25% of pregnant women have some bleeding or spotting especially in the first trimester. Bleeding in early pregnancy doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue,





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