The Facts about Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant woman during medical visitAmerican Diabetes Month takes place every November. Gestational diabetes affects more than 18 percent of pregnant women throughout the country. Though in most cases the condition is only temporary, it’s important to stay informed about the risk factors and life changes that need to happen if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

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Five Tips to Prepare for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding TipsAugust is National Breast Feeding month, here are a few helpful tips that may make your decision on whether to breastfeed or use formula easier:

1. Attend a breastfeeding class

Taking a course on breastfeeding is important in order to know what to expect. In a class, you can learn about nursing positions for you and the baby. You can also find out how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk.

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Natural Pregnancy Heartburn Remedies

Getting rid of pregnancy Heartburn

Pregnancy not only comes with excitement, it also comes with some negative side effects, such as heartburn. Even if you never had heartburn before pregnancy, certain foods can trigger pregnancy heartburn. The good news – there are a few natural remedies that can help.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural acid neutralizer. Instead of taking over the counter medicine, try drinking coconut water for immediate and easy pregnancy heartburn relief.

Raw Almonds

Almonds offer many health benefits during pregnancy, including protein and calcium. In addition, almonds neutralize stomach acid, reducing symptoms of heartburn.

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Best Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

Best Foods for Pregnant Woman

Eating for two can be stressful. It’s important to know what foods give you the most nutrients so your baby can grow at a healthy rate. Pick and choose some of these foods for a nutritional boost during pregnancy.


Eggs contain more than 12 vitamins and minerals in addition to a lot of healthy protein. Aside from health benefits, eggs are cheap and convenient. If you don’t feel like cooking a full meal, scrambled eggs, steam basted eggs and hard boiled eggs are a great option.

Greek Yogurt

All yogurt contains a decent amount of protein, but Greek yogurt usually has twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt. During pregnancy, if you don’t take in enough calcium, the amount of calcium you do take in will go to your baby, reducing the calcium in your bones and teeth.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Gifts for Mothers

The holidays are an exciting time; and they’re even more exciting when you’re expecting! Here are some great holiday gift ideas for pregnant women.

1. Nook Body Pillow

The gift of a great night’s sleep is high on every pregnant woman’s list. The Nook Body Pillow is filled with memory foam and has a stain-resistant pebble cover, making it the perfect gift for an expectant mother.

2. Monogrammed Diaper Bag

A monogrammed diaper bag is a gift that every mom-to-be will love. Not only will she be able to check something off her list of baby necessities, but it’s a thoughtful, personalized present!

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Best Pregnancy Smart Phone Apps of 2013

Pregnancy Smartphone Apps

1. 50,000 Baby Names

If you can’t decide on a baby name for your little one, the 50,000 Baby Names app allows you to search by meaning, gender and popularity.

2. Happy Pregnancy

The Happy Pregnancy app, which is free for both iPhone and Android, tracks the details of your pregnancy, including weight gain and fetal development. Trying to conceive? This app also gives users the ability to track ovulation.

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