What You Need In Your Hospital Bag

What do I need in my hospital bag

 The time to go to the hospital is finally here! Instead of recreating the moment of panic you see in movies, prepare beforehand for the big moment. One thing to do ahead of time is pack a hospital bag with everything you need. Here are a few necessities, and a couple extra things, you may need for your hospital sta:

1. Pajamas

It’s important to be comfortable during your stay in the hospital, especially after going through labor. Treat yourself by buying a great pair of pajamas specifically for the occasion!

2. Toiletries

Pack a bag of separate toiletries just for the hospital. Include a new brush, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc.

3. A Good Camera

Even though a lot of people use phones for photos, it may be worth purchasing a good camera for special occasions such as this.

4. Slippers

Hospitals can be cold. To make sure you are comfortable in your room, pack a nice pair of slippers or really warm socks.

5. Snacks

Even though you won’t have an appetite during labor, your partner most likely will, especially if it’s a long labor. Pack some easy snacks, such as granola bars.